Hi, I am Kate

Front-End Developer

Digital Self

What I do


I aim to make web apps both beautiful and easy to use by focusing on design that's both appealing and user-friendly


I am a frontend developer with a focus on React JS. I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am currently learning TypeScript.

My Projects

Who I am

Originally rooted in the dynamic streets of NYC, now flourishing amid the lush landscapes of Davao City, Philippines 🌿

I'm on a mission as a developer to create apps that truly matter. It's about crafting experiences, not just code. I strive to bring that special touch to people's lives by building products that empower communities and enrich lives.

My background is in Digital Marketing, and I have a bachelors degree in Communication Studies with a minor in New Media Arts from Baruch College.

Outside of coding, I'm all about gaming, exploring new places, and embracing a healthy, simple and active lifestyle.


A selection of my range of work

autogenpass panahon segami pelikula basketball-scoreboard thug-advice truth-candy got-vote-nyc