Drawing of Myself

Hi, I'm Kate

and I am a Software Engineer.

What I hope to do

My mission as a developer is to contribute to applications that enrich lives and builds communities. Programming isn't just coding a language on a computer. It is creating an experience for others to see and feel, it's about making a difference. That's the magic I would love to bring to people by building products that empower communities and lives.

What I am doing

Getting my feet wet with open source and learning NixOS. I also enjoy building up my skills by taking courses online, and being an active member of women in tech groups.

When I am not coding, you can find me

coffee eating_avocados playing_video_games scooter film_photography reading plants community_efforts hiking traveling

Here are my battle stats

Skills equipped for the next code battle.





My Portfolio

Projects I've worked on during bootcamp and after graduating

Post Kindly (WIP)

Postcards that give back

Panahon (WIP)

8-Bit Weather App


Movie search nomination app


A Conversation Starter App

Thug Advice

An advice giving and sharing app

Truth Candy

A New Media Artspace Exhibit at Baruch


Mock 2016 Presidential Election

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